A King’s Throne

Father’s Day is June 19th

What is man’s best friend? We think a dog might actually be a close second, and a fine chair the winner of this war! And with Father’s Day coming around we’re sure that dad’s old recliner is getting to be a bit out of date – so why not get him a new one? In fact, why not go even further and make him feel like a king with a new throne for his office, or perhaps a fine piece of seating?

Of course, J. Douglas Design is the exclusive retailer in Dallas for Marge Carson fine furniture. (both chairs pictured in this post are from Marge Carson) We not only have many different types of chairs for every day use, but more specifically, we have chaises, super-manly wing back styles, executive desk chairs and sets of chairs and foot rests.

Chaises, while not a traditional recliner, certainly act like one. They are long chairs for reclining that not only give your dad – or any family member – the capability to recline, but to recline elegantly at that. At first, chaise lounges were neither easy nor inexpensive to create. The metal hand of the chaise was actually curved by hand, which made the chaise lounge unavailable to the public. It also had to be shipped in full assembly, which presented transportation troubles. Now, though, chaises (like ours) are put out into our stores so that anyone – with a good eye, of course – can have one to complete their home décor.

Father’s day is an important day to be celebrated and revered, and we know that you only want your dad to have the best – so let us help you! J. Douglas Design sends well wishes to ALL the Father’s out there. Still not sure what he might love? Come down or call J. Douglas Design any time and we will gladly help you pick the best gift for your father and his tastes!