Brand Spotlight: Swaim

J. Douglas Design, as your premier Dallas interior design firm – only carries the finest and most distinctive names in fine furniture and accessories. We’re thrilled to have been featuring Swaim furniture and accessories in our designs for years. We always find something special in each collection and are pleased to present them as our featured brand.

Swaim has been creating unique furniture and accessories since 1945. The ‘Swaim style’ is unique and varied – from very modern and clean looks to traditional and timeless – making innovative use of materials and color.

Because they use extremely distinctive upholstery and fabrics, as well as highly dramatic surface materials (which make for exquisite and durable table tops, sidings and shelving of pieces) – their designs stand out one-of-a-kind.

What we love about all Swaim pieces, is that most of their designs can be used in so many layouts, or genres of design. We mix it up all the time with brands, and sometimes you need something that truly stands out – and Swaim delivers.

For more information on Swaim furniture, our other furniture brands, or for an interior design consultation – contact us through our website. We are where Dallas goes for fine furniture and interior design.