Brand Spotlight – Theodore Alexander

Founded by Englishman Paul Maitland Smith, Theodore Alexander has grown to become one of the largest furniture manufacturers in East Asia. The furniture reflects their passion for perfection and producing timeless pieces with their age-old crafting techniques. The true mastery of the art is apparent, and styles within the brand are quite vast. Out and about in Dallas? Take an opportunity to stop by the J. Douglas Design Dallas Furniture showroom – and you’ll see these fine furnishings truly one of a kind.
The diversity of designer furniture available from Theodore Alexander varies from bedroom nightstands, to seating and accessories – to perhaps, an elegant living room armoire, each bringing a different personality and “feel” to the room or living space.
Part of the exclusive feel of Theodore Alexander furnishings can be credited to their use of the most unique and interesting materials to create beauty, as well as functionality. Theodore Alexander has established itself as having “eclectic, traditional and modern classical furniture”. Stop by and experience for yourself, the traditional craftsmanship of all the distinctive brands offered at J. Douglas Design.

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