Brown – the color of sophistication this Spring

The color Brown denotes a feeling of warmth, comfort, and security. It is often described as natural, down-to-earth, and conventional but brown can also be sophisticated. When trying to decide what color to make those white walls of yours, consider the color brown if you’re trying to achieve this warm sophisticated look. Designing with brown isn’t easy. You have to choose just the right shades for your spaces.

Many people have heard horror stories of the color Brown, makes a room look too small, makes a room too dark, too depressing – that is old news as Brown is one of the most popular colors these days, especially when it comes to designing.

Brown is considered a neutral color in landscape design and is often used as a background color but remains popular for fashion design and home décor and is normally easily matched with other colors, because it is so neutral in nature. If you want red, blue, or sleek silver, any shade of brown can be found to match. There’s Auburn, Beige, Chocolate, Sepia and many more even obscure shades.

Brown is a color that is used in many different ways in many different rooms. If you ever need to know what shade is right for you or for your favorite color let J. Douglas Design make the perfect choice of colors for your spaces. Just tell them you want to “go brown” and let them lead you down the right road. Decorating with the color brown isn’t that hard but sometimes we need help in making the right shade choice and J. Douglas Design has the perfect way to open up your spaces with colors of browns.