Christopher Guy – A Cut Above the Rest

Christopher Guy Harrison

“In every culture, decorative heirlooms define a nation in much the same way as its music, poets and writers do…” says Christopher Guy Harrison, British luxury furniture designer, who founded and heads up the Christopher Guy brand of furniture. Raised in France and Spain, Christopher draws on his international exposure to come up with his award winning designs. As he says, “Elegance, sophistication, and grace have always transcended cultural boundaries; the objective has been to transfer this into distinct, decorative furnishings.” If you have ever seen a Christopher Guy piece you’ll know exactly why we choose this special brand to decorate with here at J. Douglas Design.

If it’s opulence, drama and unmatched quality of design that you are looking for the Christopher Guy range of furniture is humbly awe inspiring. Each piece has its own magic, projecting its own inner confidence, reflecting the skill and passion of the designer himself.

His furniture has been desired the world over and his work can be found in hotels such as The Savoy, The Hilton and Claridges. The designs have a sculptural and simplistic beauty to them with flowing lines and curves, encompassing you into a design lover’s dream! This is reflected in his Chris-X leg design, shown left, which was inspired by the corseted waist line of Scarlett O’hara in Gone with the Wind. What a stylish, statement making piece for any home!

Christopher’s designs have been a part of nearly ten feature films including the Bond movie Casino Royale. Luxury hotels clamor to include his brand in their designs. You’ll see his work at The Savoy in London, The Bellegio in Vegas and The Trump Plaza in New York, among others.

Want to see or know more about this spectacular brand? Just make a visit to our showroom.

Photos courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

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