Concrete Interior Design – Using An Ancient Material In Modern Design

Concrete Interior Design – Using An Ancient Material In Modern Design

Ancient Romans knew the value of concrete – they used it to build their buildings (which sported gorgeous marble overlays) – which have obviously withstood the test of time.  They used concrete to build roads and markets; basically to build their great cities.

Since then – we’ve used concrete as well – to build our cities too. In Mexico, concrete is used heavily, because it is efficient and durable. Lately – it’s been viewed as a pretty hip material to use in interior design – as well as furniture.  Now used in artistic ways; concrete is being used in more ways than ever before.

Take the concrete pool table shown here, by furniture designer James DeWulf.  “There’s something alive about concrete,” said DeWulf. “You can’t help rub your fingers over it. A liquid that turns to stone … what’s not to love?”  From a recent Washington Examiner article:

DeWulf creates high-end furniture, like his concrete Ping Pong table that doubles as a dining table and costs more than $4,000. He is among a growing number of “concrete artisans,” or people trained in the decorative use of concrete, and his designs illustrate how concrete is being manipulated into home interiors.

In the last decade, I’ve seen stylish and sleek concrete flooring. I’ve seen beautiful stamped and stained concrete used to create a gorgeous outdoor living area.  The industrial and ‘grunge’ look is still as popular as it was in the 90’s, in a more minimalistic and ‘urban’ way;  so to see furniture made of the same age-old and time-tested substance does not surprise me.  I’m thrilled to see artists expressing themselves with this super-cool medium – and excited to see clients getting really unique and durable furniture that stands out.

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