Designing Bedrooms with Your Child in Mind

Technology is becoming the playground for our children. They maneuver smart phones, tablets and computers with ease. Parents use to be open to putting computers and televisions into children’s rooms but have recently responded with a firm stance to not.
Remember when kids would set up bedroom tents and play with little more than action figures and their imagination? Does their bedroom allow them to get creative?
Interior design specific for children can be an incredible opportunity to build a creative mind and allow children to entertain themselves into the day without sitting and staring at a glowing screen.
Gender-specific room designs are usually the first addition to be made to a child’s bedroom. People fill boy’s rooms with toy trains, fire trucks and superheroes and girl’s with dress up clothes and costumes, dolls and stuffed animals.
Design with Your Child in Mind
Each child is different and as they grow, they want to express themselves in individual and personal ways. Ask your child what they enjoy and build around them.Does your child like “teaching class” to a group of furry stuffed animal students? Invest in a chalkboard for those lesson plans. What about the die-hard football fan? Grab a green-colored rug and paint some white “ticks” on it to imitate a playing field. Make a room your child will love!

Limit Tech in the Room

Although that iPad might keep your child busy for hours on end, find ways to absorb their attention in different ways. Lights from glowing screens can throw off rhythmic sleeping patterns for children and recent studies reveal that consistent technology use by growing children contributes to limited attention spans.
Most of all let your child play a role. Make their room their room. Allow them a say in paint colors,  furniture and other room accents so that it truly will represent what they like and who they are.

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