Enjoying Your Outdoor Living Space During the Winter

You put some serious time and effort into creating a perfect living space to relax in during the spring and summer, and while you may not get many to go outdoors as the temperatures drop, there are still ways you can enjoy your outdoor living quarters in cold weather. Here are some simple interior design tips to get the most out of your cozy outdoor spaces.

1. Heat it up. Heating is essential if you plan to enjoy time outdoors this winter season. Fortunately, there are a few different ways you can warm yourself up. Fire pits are one option and are beneficial year round. Not only can fire pits provide you with the warmth you need, but they are also a good focal point for your space. Another option would be to have an electric patio heater. These don’t take up a lot of space, and while you may not necessarily take off your coat and lounge in a t-shirt, it can provide you with a way to comfortably transition from the indoors to the outdoors without freezing.

2. Close it in. While this may not add ample amounts of heat, it will block out that extra chill you get from wind, not to mention it will protect your living space from potential snow and ice! Not only will this give you a nice wintery view, the natural light can kick up your mood as well.

3. Brighten it up. If you’re space is decorated with darker colors, consider adding in some lighter colors to brighten up your space. Have you chosen a deep, dark purple as your theme? Add in some lilac or silver – this will create a beautiful mixture, and can still provide you with an inviting holiday feel. While you probably have already added lights to the front of your house, don’t forget your backyard, where your outdoor living space is most likely located. You can install light fixtures in your deck that can be used year round, or you can also string lights across your patio railing, creating a peaceful, serene environment.

We hope you’ll find that incorporating ideas like these will help you enjoy your beautiful outdoor living space through the cold season too!