Entertaining Exteriors

Entertaining Exteriors

Custom designed outdoor living spaces are not just a hit in Texas, they’re growing in popularity all over the country.

Exterior design trends over the last few years include outdoor kitchens and eating areas, luxurious sitting areas with fireplaces or fire pits, stand-alone bars and other arrangements, too that are perfect for outdoor entertaining or just enjoying fresh outdoor air.

Patios lined with lush foliage, floored with beautiful tile or durable, hip stained concrete and arranged with weather-safe furniture and accessories are being enjoyed coast-to-coast.

Certainly, a custom designed exterior space means increased home value for any residence that has an exquisite outdoor space.

Interestingly, there is a trend of large companies providing comfortable, outdoor areas for employees and visitors as well. Businesses are providing a relaxing, outdoor ‘oasis’ of sorts for meetings, entertaining and recreation.

Common materials used in outdoor furniture include redwood, cedar, teak, plastic, steel and aluminum. It’s important to make sure your design includes the best quality furniture, and that it’s up to the task of standing up to the weather – wherever you are.

Exterior design in Texas might require a bit of special planning, since Texas is one of the hottest states in the union. Depending on the location of your outdoor space (is it on a rooftop? a third or fourth story? which direction does it face?) you might need to consider the comfort of those enjoying your space with regard to the heat. Perhaps you will want to consider a misting system to cool off those relaxing outdoors. Another thing to consider are shade options: consider custom built awnings or overhead canopies, as well as the possibility of utilizing exterior fabric and curtains to bring a sense of ‘breezy style’ to your patio, and also to cool your guests.

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