Entertaining Indoors

Entertaining Indoors

BranchCabinet-GlobalViewsJust because the weather has changed, and the winds are starting to blow a bit cooler – doesn’t mean that you have to stop entertaining. Sure, outdoor barbecues and hot days drinking lemonade on the patio are not quite on the horizon, but you can easily still entertain outdoors in some settings – or bring entertaining indoors!

Make the biggest POP during Winter and Fall seasons by letting the food and the dining table set the mood and tone for the evening. Decorating the main food table can help make your life easier – and allow you to change your home’s look instantly. Add some red tones and you can have an Italian bistro party right there in your own home, or have serve savory classics with classic Fall colors.

And here’s another tip to save time and money! Recycle! J. Douglas Design loves keeping organic and ‘green’ elements in the equation when decorating a home – and especially when decorating for a party or just having friends over to fellowship. Reusing and ‘recycling’ your seasonal accessories and furnishings year-round will really save a dollar and when done creatively, add new sparkle each time you re-use the piece.

Recycle your summer wicker by adding Fall/Winter throws or new cushions. Reuse wood pieces and get pot plants to add some color. Use what you have left over from summer and spruce up with some twigs and leaves for the blasts of autumn. Bring out the terra cotta pots from the garage and put herbs in them to assist in the décor and them of the party or celebration.

Most importantly – don’t over-think decorating. Whether you are re-decorating your home for the season or simply for a get-together it’s imperative that you keep things simple. Getting hung up on small details can ruin the mood and remember that decorating your home is about you and your personality.

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