Halloween Decor – Interior Design That Is Classy AND Creepy

Halloween is the first opportunity of Fall to decorate your home and your home’s exterior, and participate in a fun and frightening annual tradition. Some entertain in their homes for this haunted holiday, and others more likely just entertain themselves by looking at the spooky settings and hair-raising handiwork of those in their neighborhood.

But has Halloween gotten too scary?

We personally aren’t big fans of the super-gory, but every-popular Halloween trend of putting brains, blood and guts on the front porch to terrify the children of the neighborhood. What happened to the cleverly creepy use of pumpkins, wood and webbing?

We were poking on Pinterest – and found several ‘classy but creepy’ design elements that fit beautifully into our idea of ghoulish greatness – without compromising your interior design.

Decorating a staircase (above, left) or a mirror (below) with wood, webbing and lighting can add major drama to an entry way. You don’t need the terrifying torn and bleeding body or the lifelike human organs to feel the spirit this Halloween.

This year, send a message that Halloween doesn’t have to be that scary. Keep it fun, keep it light – and keep it simple. Stick with mummies, skeletons, spider webs and jack-o-lanterns; it’s in the details – but skip the entrails.

(all images from Pinterest)