Interior Design Ideas – Incorporating Feng Shui Part II

Interior Design Ideas – Incorporating Feng Shui Part II

Two rooms we don’t want to neglect when applying the principles of Feng Shui to our interior design are also rooms that are quite useful: the home office and the kitchen.


For those with a home office, it can be difficult to make this room more than just a ‘storage space’ for files, paperwork and computers. Implement some of these changes to make your home office more room-energy friendly.

Align your desk so that it is facing the door. It creates a presence of power, you’ll be the first to greet anyone that enters.

Eliminate sharp edges, whether that be furniture or artwork and replace them with rounded shapes and sensual objects that encourage productivity. File all of those papers! Create a storage or filing system that is easy to use and clean for those who happen to stumble upon them.


Lastly, homeowners spend a majority of their time in the kitchen. Kitchens now serve as entertaining spaces on top of the need to be a room for preparing and serving food. Use some of these quick kitchen tips to optimize your space.

Similar to the office principle, you want to face the entrance to your kitchen while you’re cooking. This can be done by hanging a mirror on the backsplash or by installing a stove top on an island.
Organize pantries, especially if using cloudy glass in pantry doors. It gives you the opportunity to present dishes as artwork.

Lighting is very important in the kitchen, so utilize warm lighting from halogen bulbs or incandescent lights to make food more visually appealing on top of being tasty!

Keep it clean. Always clean your stove top and countertops after making dishes. Nothing is more unappealing than caked out foods from dishes cooked weeks before. A quick swipe with a paper towel can often to the trick.

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