Interior Design Ideas – Incorporating Feng Shui Part III

Interior Design Ideas – Incorporating Feng Shui Part III

Feng Shui can help create an atmosphere of ‘welcome’ and make your living space more inviting. We laid out some quick tips to implement Feng Shui into the home in recent posts, now we’ll cover the most important room to focus on: the living space.

The living room is the focal point of the house and the center of entertaining and family fellowship. Above all other rooms – it should be the most welcoming room in all of your home. For most of us, the living room serves not only as the greeting room when guests come over, but also the main space for our families to thrive – toy trucks, video games and dolls normally lay sprawled across the floor. It doesn’t have to be hard to make this versatile space more friendly – these interior design and layout tweaks will show you just how easy it is to make a change that is very impactful.

Electronics: It all starts with the TV. Don’t make the TV or other electronics the focal point of your living room, instead hide electrical equipment from view when not in use by using cabinets and other furniture for storage.

Face to Face: It’s also a good idea to “marry” furniture together, meaning set up furniture to face each other so that conversations can happen naturally within the room. Make sure that the furniture in your living room is appropriate to your own personal style, so browse the best furniture lines before making a decision.

Deck the halls – but where? Hanging objects on walls at the same height, as if lining them up on a horizontal line, can make walls seem much longer and ceilings much taller. When hanging artwork, look to create grids or shapes with pictures that can make the hanging frames art within themselves.

Go light on the doo-dads. Stray from using too many decorative items  or small home accessories outside of your main furniture or small collections or items grouped together. A side note, too many pillows on a couch can be downright overwhelming!

How have you made your living space more ‘inviting’?

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