Interior Design Trend – Framed Digital Art

Interior Design Trend – Framed Digital Art

If it’s easy, trendy, personal and beautiful – sign us up. We’re talking about ‘digital art’ – that is, utilizing a framed digital display to showcase JPG format images, animations and graphics – even video – in your home or workspace interior design.  Unlimited possibilities, easy to change and update: sounds divine, yes? It’s no wonder this is why ‘digital art’ is fast becoming popular as an interior design trend.

What’s more – is that these pieces can be connected to your iPhone or Android so that you can swap artwork o the fly,  remotely.

Why we love the idea: What’s coolest about this – is the artwork you can display.  Up and coming artists are supported. The frames are available in multiple sizes, and colors, and with purchase – you download an accompanying app. There is an app that goes along with the frames, where aspiring artists are encouraged to list their artwork. This puts their work in homes and interiors all over the world – and pays them for use.  Currently  – this concept – called “Framed” is on the crowd funding website, KickStarter:

“The evolution of technology and accessibility of the Internet has brought out a wonderful range of digital art, and now we have an innovative way of sharing that art, and presenting it in way that pays respect to the artists that created them,” explains FRM Co-Founder and Creative Director Yugo Nakamura.

The HD screen and integrated computer lets users display artworks found or purchased online, or even upload their own. Framed has a Kickstarter starting price of $399.

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