Interior Design Trends – The Simple Modern Kitchen

Few places in your home can bring together family and friends like a kitchen can. Your kitchen is where you roll out those delicious holiday desserts and tasty dinner dishes – and the place where you sip on your morning coffee before beginning the day ahead. All in all, your kitchen is an important place isn’t it? So what would the interior design of your dream kitchen look like?

Some of the growing trends in kitchen design are a mix of vintage and modern space accents. Open shelving is becoming a more popular alternative to conventional cabinets and are used as opportunities to present kitchenware and accessories to guests.

Simple, clean and elegant white kitchens are becoming of a trend since they are so easy to design. Customizations can go from lighting accents like vintage lamps, chandeliers or other lighting fixtures.  Of course, anyone who knows me, knows I love a Jean-Richard Chandelier.

Other popular customizations are stainless steel and sleek appliances that reinforce the modern aesthetic.

What would you do with a dream kitchen? Are there any particular styles or accents that you would want to use in your home?

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