Lighting in Rustic and Modern Homes

Home is where we rest, where we retreat after a long day. We spend all week at the office or on the road for work until the minute we are able to get home and kick our feet up. Your home is supposed to be relaxing, inviting and charming.

When the builders designed this beautiful home (called Cat Mountain, featured here by freshome), they were able to perfectly craft a modern, simplistic feel with the beautiful history of antique decorations and accents. Despite being a modern home, it sure has a “rustic” feel.

What separates charming homes from empty homes is lighting. Special lighting can add to the beauty of a home and can make your home look more spacious, cozy and create a comfortable transition between rooms. Glass windows and hallways allow for open, natural light to enter your home and can instill a sense of luxury into your morning coffee and newspaper read.

So take some time this spring and play with different lighting arrangements for your home. Opt for recessed lighting in bigger rooms to hide bulky lighting fixtures or add tall narrow lamps to corners of rooms to draw attention away from the unlit areas.