Quick Change STYLE

Quick Change STYLE

Summer is upon us (officially!) and Fall is just around the corner. Many remodel or redesign in cooler weather, but sometimes it’s easy to feel a little stagnant mid-season with regard to the look and feel of our interior space. A quick decorating change in order to lift our spirits!

There are unlimited QUICK AND EASY design or accessory changes you can make to truly refresh your design or even transform it into something totally different. You don’t have to be an interior designer to make a quick change – in fact, it’s a great way to spruce up your home between remodels or redesigns.

It’s all about the layering of the space – between the base (space, layout, walls, floors) and the necessities (furniture pieces and their arrangement) and accessories (rugs, paintings, etc).

Paint your room! A quick paint job is an inexpensive way to transform the actual perception of a room – you can make an area appear larger, brighten up a windowless space or just change the way it appears by an inexpensive (flat) paint job.

Maybe you need to bring money and luck into your life – rearrange the furniture and choose a color to shift the energy through Feng Shui. The ancients used color for wellness in all areas of their life – and it’s amazing what a quick color change in your living areas can do to freshen up a design, or totally transform it.

Certainly, there are wonderful faux finishes you could implement if you’re looking to add some ‘texture’ and ‘dimension’ to the walls specifically, but we can add texture and dimension to a space in other ways – much more quickly.

Don’t have time to paint the whole house or room? Here’s a cool idea – paint a mural, or apply a design treatment to the CEILING (as long as you don’t have the dreaded popcorn ceiling – which is never fun to try and remove.) – it’ll quick-change the entire room in an ultra-hip way.

ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE: Add a rug or change out the lamps. Adding a rug is so easy – and you can find a rug that will bring a whole new style to your space.

For example, to add a touch of ‘Africa’ – opt for a faux Zebra print rug – it will add both pattern and texture to your room in one instant – and a touch of the exotic.

If your home is more traditional – add a more traditional style rug. You’ll still gain additional color, pattern and texture to your room.

If you have patterned wallpaper, or patterned furniture – opt for a solid color rug so that the space doesn’t get too busy.

Add new pillows to your sofa. Check and update your window treatments (this is a BIG ONE!) You wouldn’t believe how many homes keep the same draperies or window treatments for (seems like) centuries. Try to stay with the times on this one – and don’t overlook them just because they don’t do much!

And accessorize with plants – they’re a great way to bring nature INSIDE, and they add color and texture immediately. A well placed plant can truly bring the outdoors in – and brighten up the whole room.

TURN ON THE LIGHTS: Swap out the lamps with something more simple, or more ornate – depending on your goals for the design. Or add some lighting behind your larger pieces – such as a nice stand alone lamp to gently hover over your couch or sofa.

ADD SOME ART: Maybe it’s a painting, maybe it’s a piece of sculpture or some sort of installation piece; either way – there’s tons of great local artists and galleries to choose that perfect piece for your home. Browse our furniture showroom for some beautiful pieces – whatever your design style! We like to think of our showroom as an art gallery – of furniture and home accessories!

There are tons of things you can do to spruce up your home without breaking the bank. Think of it as an in-between refresher to keep your design fresh.

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