Russian Architecture & Design “Patchwork” Style

Volga House 01 800x625 Russian Home Architecture With an Interesting Patchwork” AppearanceWe were reading along Freshhome‘s blog  – and noticed several interesting shapes, patterns and inspirations for interior design. Since I am a Dallas, Texas interior designer – I’ve not really seen anything like this around here – so felt it worth writing a quick blog post about.  This naturally appealing and minimal architecture and interior decor in Russia caught my eye.

From the blog: 

Peter Kostelov envisioned “Volga House”, a modern residence with intriguing wooden features, located in Konakovsky District, Tverskaya region, Russia. The design of the house is derived from the characteristics of other traditional dwellings in the area and showcases an interesting “”patchwork” look. Wooden planks trimmed unconventionally overlap to create a very original facade. The architects explain that the project was inspired by the Soviet era style, when private house construction industry used to be rundown and backward”. 

The exterior of course, is quite exquisite actually, with it’s detailed craftsmanship and huge attention to detail. I think I am in love with the wood & metal feel, and sheer creativity of it.

But it’s the interior that really caught my eye – because of the useful use of space and efficient ‘applicable’ items – bookshelves, lighting – all arranged in a way that would stylishly meet the needs of any artistic homeowner.  Luckily – creating a ‘useful’ space is one of a few strong growing interior design trends 2013.

For the full article, visit the Freshhome blog.

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