Summer Color Inspirations

Let Summertime guide your color choices this year – and you’ll be pulling nature into your home, and creating your own ‘happy place’. Certainly, you could consider these palettes anytime of the year – and painting is the perfect quick change for an interior space.

Of course – Chromotherapy, sometimes called color therapy, colorology or cromatherapy, is of itself a way to effect your mood, and balance “energy”. And, on a more practical application – light therapy is used in medical circles to treat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

So – you will want to consider the room you’re going to paint – the color, and the lighting. Depending on the size of the room and the color, a test patch on the wall is always a great idea. If it’s well lit with natural light, you can generally assume that any inspirations from Mother nature that you pull in will be reflected similarly. If it’s not well lit – then you’ll want to utilize lamps and artificial lighting of course. Make sure the color works with the space, the accessories and furnishings – and that it’s what you want it to be, and has the desired effect on your mood and sense of well being. Colors always can ‘feel’ different once they cover a large space.

The Beach
Teals, deep blues – these cool colors are sure to keep the mood light, relaxed and fresh. Utilize stark whites along side the bold walls – with lamps, drapes and accessories – couple with soft lighting.

The Meadow
“The Meadow” theme is frequented by all shades of yellow, and works well with almost any space. Yellow is one of those colors that is generally considered a ‘happy’ color, and goes especially well with nearly any floral print, or pattern – and looks great with whites or woods (even really dark woods!).

The Desert
You don’t need a mesa to feel on top of the world, just paint your walls the color of a hazy gray-blue sky, and accent with the colors of pink sunlit sands. You’ll really be bringing nature indoors, so make sure to consider and review the actual desert at different times of the day – and notice the differences in hues between early morning, and late evening. Be your own Yogi in minimalistic style, with colors you might have thought only God could paint.

Starry Skies

The darkest blues and violets call for bright white accents or rich furnishings. Be careful with patterns and use of other colors when using dark blues and purple hues – in fact – monochromatic accents are safest here if you must use a color other than white or a metallic accent.

Don’t be scared though – this is another cool combination that can really soothe the senses if done correctly.

Just don’t ruin this one with complimentary colors – it won’t work. In fact, it might make you sick. Could you imagine this cute little powder room with orange anywhere – ? It’s miss the mark.

Observe your world and figure out what moves you. Then – grab a can of paint and go to town. Bring your love of life into your interior design.