Taylor King Furniture – a perfect style for your home

Do you ever go into a furniture store looking for a specific “something” that you just cannot seem to find? Then, when you can’t find it, do you go home in frustration? Well, let Taylor King Furniture help you with our many own “do it yourself” styles in multiple different collections, where you get to design your own style and seating arrangements!

In the Taylor King Collection you can see that we have something called “Taylor Made,” which is our way of telling you that we have what you need to make the furniture that you want in only five steps. First you have to choose between “Standard” or “Continental” Depth. Then you choose which back you would like, and then follows the frame, then the arms. After all of that is done, you choose your base and you’re finished!

To get more specific, if you are looking at the King’s Road collection, you’ll see that we have something called “Cozy Creations” which helps you design any couch, chair, or loveseat into what you want in only four easy steps! First, you choose your back cushion, then pick the perfect seating arrangement from a single seat up to a full sectional. Then you get to choose the arm style, and lastly pick a base option. Depending on your taste, Cozy Creations can be designed for sophisticated elegance or everyday casual.

If you’re honestly tired of trying to look for something that can just not be found, make it yourself with Taylor King Furniture, which just so happens to be one of J. Douglas’s featured lines, which means you know that you’re getting the best quality of fine furniture around the Dallas area!