The Art of Working with an Interior Designer

The Art of Working with an Interior Designer

Working with a interior design professional can be both exciting and intimidating. However, doing so can give your home continuity, function, and beauty without going over your budget.

Designers can save you money in many situations by allocating resources wisely, choosing durable, high quality furniture, eliminating decorating mistakes, and increasing creativity on your project.

Eliminate the fear factor and create a good experience by taking a few steps to prepare in advance:

1: Decide on a budget.

2: Collect color swatches you like.

3: Make your own project design file with pictures to illustrate what you like and what you don’t like.

4: Think about the furniture pieces you hope to keep.

5: Be inspired!

For inspiration, visit model homes and stand in the rooms asking yourself questions like:

-How does this room make me feel?

-Are the colors too light or too dark for me?

-Is it too formal, or not formal enough?

-Do I like white carpeting, or would I rather have something darker and more anchored?

-Is that striped wallpaper crisp or just annoying? (likely the latter?)

-Is the furniture warm, dark, white, or colored?

– What do I like (or dislike) about it?

Other sources of inspiration include museums, auctions, antique stores and television design shows.

Next, communicate well and describe your vision. Listen. Talk. Listen. The more information you can give to your designer the better.

Doing your homework and teaming with a good interior designer can design your interior into a beautiful, functional living space with a creative and unique flair – without cost of unnecessary mistakes.

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