The Details In The Design – Marge Carson

A room isn’t just meant to be a place where one sleeps, eats, or simply sits. Every room should be a place where someone can go to in order to escape the world around them. A room can only do that, though, if it is outfitted and the interior design is done in a careful way with the right home furnishings.

Even with the right couches, beds, covers, end tables, and so on, a room is never fully finished until one has all of the right accents in place. From buttons and closures, to nailheads and tassel ties, Marge Carson has thought of everything you need truly set your design apart from the rest. It’s all in the details. Certainly – you want to create a fantastic room that is pleasing to the eye at first glance, but also one that even stands out on that 46th glance that you take, no matter how close you get or how far away you may be while looking in. Marge Carson designs take care of ALL the details that can really make a difference in your interior space.

Marge Carson is a fine furniture line that is great to use for any kind of interior design and we’re pleased that they are one of the exclusive lines carried (and hand-selected) by J. Douglas Design.