Top 5 Most Memorable Movie Set Interior Designs

Top 5 Most Memorable Movie Set Interior Designs

Americans love movies! We love to be entertained in all kinds of ways, but a trip to the movies is at the top of that list. So today, we thought we’d share some of our favorite, most memorable movie set interior designs.

Gone With the Wind

The epic drama chronicling the Civil War from the point of view of Southern heroine Scarlett O’Hara offers some beautiful examples of traditional Southern interior design. Grand portraits, elaborate gilded furniture, gorgeous chandeliers for lighting, cozy sofas by the fireplace. What’s not to love?

Something’s Gotta Give

The Hampton beach house movie set of Something’s Gotta Give was a huge hit and created a wave of requests for kitchens and living rooms that looked just like it. The entire house was treated as if it was itself a character in the movie. “The real challenge was to deliver the ‘character’ of the house – a great Hamptons house, beautiful, but not overly designed” shared Rubino. We found ourselves drooling…obviously she did her job well.

You’ve Got Mail

Who doesn’t want a cozy, comfy home just like Kathleen Kelly’s in You’ve Got Mail? From the exterior of the NYC brownstone to every nook and cranny of the inside, cottage charm permeates every stitch of fabric, every wall, and every little detail.

The Help

The Help made our list, not because we love 60s pink bathrooms but because the film effectively displays several decades of interior design by allowing us to see inside several homes of the time. Celia’s plantation home has a kitchen stuck in the 30s. Hilly’s home, shown above, is a classic colonial style home demonstrating her obsession with perfection. Skeeter’s loved and lived in house combines class with the comforts of having a home where love abounds. There’s something here for everyone. The set designers Mark Ricker and Rena DeAngelo, had 47 sets to dress.

A Single Man
 Set during the 1960s, in a gorgeous John Lautner house, the interior design is just superb. It boasts brilliant examples of blending the traditional with the futuristic. Resulting in a set that is both artistic and visually stimulating. It’s not really a surprise to learn that the geniuses behind the Emmy winning show ‘Mad Men’ were in charge of production design.
The set above is the boudoir of Julianne Moore’s character. Note that just this room alone includes traditional design elements like use of various textures (the chair vs. everything else), current trends (ikat print), use of focal points (the dressing table and mirror), use of targeted lighting with the window and lamps. When it comes to modern movies, A Single Man, showcases everything we love about the use of interior design in the movies. It really doesn’t get better than this.

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