Work-It While Working From Home

Work-It While Working From Home

More and more people are working from home these days and finding it difficult to find the extra “office” space needed to do their job.

Even more challenging is making it stylish and fit in with the rest of your home furnishings and interior design.

There are a lot of things to consider when designing your home office – here are just a few:

Space –
Space is probably the biggest factor to where and how you will design your home office. If potential clients are on the agenda, you will need to have a space close to a door for easy access. Also, having adequate space on both sides of the desk is a must if you have clients visiting your home office. Noise is another thing to consider. If the house is shared with other people – especially young children, there should be a separate room with a door designated for the office. Many of these spaces depend on how much privacy you need to work. Just a wall or two designated for office space in the family room, living room, a bedroom, or some other room may be appropriate. Possibly sharing the office with another room, such a dining room or living area – separated with bookshelves. Or even a guest room with a sleeper sofa or get a Murphy bed which folds up into the wall. Having ample storage space is also key to any room, but in an office area, it is essential for organization.

Storage –
Having ample storage space is key to any room – but in an office area, it is essential for the organization of your home business. A well designed closet can help you organize everything to function properly in your home office. Determining your needs is the first step. Separate items into different categories such as materials, documents, files, boxes and extra space for any inventory needed to store on site. Having a filing cabinet, closet supply and a place to sort mail is important to help reduce clutter.

Lighting –
Depending on what your home business is will help you determine how much and what type of lighting you need to effectively light your work space. Glares on a computer monitor can cause serious eye strain and headaches, so be sure to adjust your light from any windows and any other sources of ambient light. Task lighting is a good idea for such important tasks as reading, writing and working on the computer. Accent lighting can provide a more relaxed and beautiful workspace, while communicating to any clients that the office is professionally run and the business is competent. The proper lighting can make the office and workspace much more pleasant and efficient.

Furniture –
When working from home, you will probably spend many hours in your office space. Having an interior that is soothing and relaxing can improve your mood and make you look forward to the time spent there. But, offices need a clear work area, with adequate space for computer, a file space and a location for frequently referenced supplies and paper. Most offices need a desk, a very comfy chair, computer (& any other equipment), a filing cabinet and possibly a few shelves. It is best to invest in office furniture that is sturdy and provides ample space for work and storage.

Your home office design should be truly all about you and whatever you can imagine. But, if you ever need help with ideas, you can always turn to J Douglas Designs to help your business grow.

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